Yulia Voronin confounds Georgina Littlejohn in red bikini

World’s worst-dressed WAG Yulia Voronin ditches the dodgy tracksuit for a surprisingly fetching red bikini
She was the world’s worst dressed WAG, as she took on the style of the locals, wandering around Liverpool in a ‘velour leopard-print monstrosity’ but now Yulia Voronin has turned the head of the Daily Mail’s Georgina Littlejohn for different reasons thanks to a skimpy red bikini.


Paul Dacre’s team were surprised and delighted when the Peeping Tom style pics arrived from paparazzi agency Splash, who caught her holidaying in Miami.

Says Georgina Littlejohn: ‘she couldn’t resist a golden photo opportunity as she lay on top of her husband, who was dressed in some rather loud shorts, and flaunted her pert bottom.’

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