Yasmin Le Bon naked

Here’s looking at you: Yasmin Le Bon unveils 31 stone nude bronze sculpture of herself… but she remains well covered
Many Daily Mail readers still find themselves meditating on the day the paparazzi scored a Yasmin Le Bon upskirt shot, so imagine the excitement amoungst Paul Dacre’s team when the opportunity arose to spend time with Yasmin Le Bon naked.


Red blooded hack Chris Johnson was dispatched to ‘one of the capital’s most prestigious contemporary art gallery and auction houses’ to take a good look at naked Yasmin Le Bon cast in 31 stone of bronze.

Yasmin Le Bon herself was there to unveil the sculpture and looked a little surprised at what she unveiled (the naked Yasmin Le Bon sculpture doesn’t look much like her). No doubt Chris Johnson and co were desperately hoping Yasmin Le Bon would strip naked so they could check the veracity of the artist’s work for themselves.

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