Volcanic ash holiday insurance

Anyone going on holiday this year is sure to worry about the volcanic ash cloud and the risk of an even larger eruption. If you’re holiday’s delayed or cancelled, you’ll be gutted but your travel insurance should cover you. Get stuck abroad and it might not be so easy. Airlines are obliged to look after you, but there’s always a chance they’ll try to do a Ryanair and leave you seriously out of pocket.


Into the breach step Paddy Power and their Volcanic Ash product, which is just like having volcanic ash holiday insurance. Insurance has always been a posh word for betting after all; we have to bet we’ll crash the car and hope we won’t win. With volcanic ash betting from Paddy Power you won’t have any complicated forms to fill in.

Paddy Power are accepting bets on airports being closed by the ash cloud. Place a bet on your airport being closed on the day you’re due to return and if it does close for an hour or more, you might be stuck abroad but at least you’ll have some spending money.

And what’s more follow this link to Paddy Power and you’ll qualify for a FREE bet.

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