Vanessa Hugdens topless

Where’s Austin when you need him… Cringe moment for Vanessa Hudgens as bikini top pops open
When Vanessa Hugdens’ bikini top fell off leaving her topless quick flashing paparazzi from Flynet were on hand to capture the scene for Paul Dacre’s red blooded Daily Mail.


The photos of Vanessa Hugdens topless were rushed to the tabloid’s news desk where top hack Lucy Buckland was on hand to pick out the best pics for banana buffing readers to enjoy. Most excitingly, reports Lucy Buckland, the wardrobe malfunction left topless Vanessa Hugdens holding her breasts to hide them from the photographers. But it’s too late and the extended lenses of the paparazzi follow her as she reassembles her bikini in a kind of reverse strip tease.

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