Daily Mail’s Maysa Rawi loves Ultimo’s body fixer

Instant Body Fixer: Ultimo’s £41 underwear promises to give you the perfect hourglass figure
When the public relations team at Ultimo allowed the Daily Mail’s Maysa Rawi to try out their new Body Fixer, the tabloid hack could not have been more delighted.


‘Control pants and push up bras could be a thing of the past as Ultimo has come up with an all-in-one solution for body-shaping,’ said Maysa Rawi of Ultimo’s Body Fixer. For just £41 the body fixer boosted Maya Rawi’s tits by two cup sizes, flattened her podgy stomach and slimmed her waist. All with no visible underwear lines. Maysa Rawi reckons it will hide extra pounds put on over Christmas.

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