Tricia Penrose naked

‘I’m finally learning to love my sexy size 12-14 curves,’ says Tricia Penrose as she poses nude
Daily Mail hack Georgina Littlejohn, daughter of head banger Richard, almost chocked on her morning coffee when she opened her copy of Closer to find a totally naked Tricia Penrose staring back at her… she immediately knew she had her next tabloid scoop.


The team at Closer were delighted to let Paul Dacre’s red blooded Daily Mail use the nude pictures of Tricia Penrose in return for some free publicity for their weekly gossip title. And Georgina Littlejohn was free to use the naked Tricia Penrose’s interview as the ‘inspiration’ for her own piece. Nude Tricia Penrose told Closer that she’s a yo-yo dieter, but is currently happy with her curves (the Daily Mail’s favourite euphemism for tits).

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