Carol Vorderman and Christina Hendricks pioneer squoob boobs

The rise of the ‘squoob’: The cleavage that looks more ‘oww!’ than ‘ooh!’
Squashed boobs are popping out of dresses everywhere reckons Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail, with banana buffing readers’ favourites Carol Vorderman and Christina Hendricks leading the field.


Hack Marianne Power has led the red-blooded tabloid’s investigation of squashed breasts — or ‘squoobs’ as she likes to call them — and concluded that squashed breasts have never been more popular. Not only have Carol Vorderman and Christina Hendricks squashed their breasts so they look like they’re about to burst out of their outfit, Elizabeth Hurley has squashed her breasts and Victoria Beckham’s breasts have been squashed too. Top designer Vivienne Westwood has even designed special boob squashing corsets for those desperate for the squoob look Marianne Power has discovered.

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