Sports Illustrated covers

Bikinis, beaches and bombshells: From a VERY demure two-piece in 1964 to Kate Upton’s barely-there number, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers through the decades
Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail is celebrating Kate Upton’s appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated in a ‘barely there’ bikini, by sending hack Victoris Wellman trawling through the stash for the very best bikini shots… going back to 1964!


‘Over the years the enviable curves of models like Christie Brinkley, Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks have been as admired by women as they have been lusted after by men while the sexy sun-drenched beach shots have propelled them to international stardom,’ salivates Victoria Wellman, as she explains the popularity of the swimsuit issue. Banana buffing readers are treated to fourteen of the sexiest covers to enjoy.

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