Simona Halep bouncing breasts before and after her breast reduction

A comfortable victory: Tennis player who had breast reduction to ease back pain enjoys win in first round at Wimbledon
It’s Wimbledon time again and Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail can always be relied upon for a few tennis upskirts, but this year the most interesting features of women’s tennis are Simona Halep’s bouncing breasts, images of which the red blooded tabloid is particularly keen to share with banana buffing readers.


Having had her breasts reduced from 34DD to ‘a more modest 34C’ helped Simona Halep bounce 450 places up the world tennis rankings.

‘When she burst on to the scene as a junior champion at the French Open in 2008, Miss Halep’s bountiful chest attracted lots of attention and a growing male fan base,’ splutters the tabloid. ‘Her large chest guaranteed her attention – and won her a few male admirers.’

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