Sienna Miller Naked

Put your bump away, Sienna. Pregnancy isn’t a beauty parade, says expectant mother Antonia Hoyle…unless actor’s willing to join her by showing off legs like sausages and cellulite resembling cottage cheese
The Daily Mail’s Antonia Hoyle has criticised Sienna Miller for allowing herself to be photographed naked while eight months pregnant, claiming there is nothing attractive about a pregnant woman. And the red-blooded tabloid has re-published the nude Sienna Miller picture so banana buffers can make their own minds up on that one.


‘Pregnancy is not an aesthetically appealing state of being that enables a woman to celebrate her new found curves,’ scolds Antonia Miller who ‘nearly choked on my Gaviscon’ at the sight of a pregnant nude Sienna Miller. Sienna Miller has ‘breasts that wouldn’t look amiss on an 18-year-old’ despite being thirty years old, complains Antonia Hoyle who is not at all jealous.

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