Sid Owen and Polly Parsons intimate pics

That’s some view you’ve got there! Sid Owen gives his stunning fiancée some admiring glances as they laze on a yacht
Paparazzi from Cruise Pictures have captured a series of intimate pictures of Sid Owen frolicking with ‘his sexy semi-naked fiancée’ Polly Parsons.


The photos, sold to Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail, have certainly got hack Georgina (daughter of Richard) Littlejohn’s blood up.

‘The EastEnders actor, 39, looked mighty pleased with himself as Polly Parsons, 27, showed off her stunning figure in a cutaway swimsuit on board the yacht in Dubai,’ gushed Georgina Littlejohn as she salivated over Sid Owen’s ‘impressive physique’. Georgina Littlejohn read in OK! magazine that Sid Owen proposed to Polly Parsons in Barbados. The pair looked like they were about consummate the relationship in front of the paparazzi, reckons Georgina Littlejohn, to the delight of banana buffing readers back home.

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