Selma Blair side boob

Showing her ex what he’s missing! Newly single Selma Blair models some serious side boob as she hits the shops
When paparazzi from Barcroft Media managed to spot Selma Blair’s left breast through the side of her dress, they knew they were on for another good pay day from Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail, which loves the current trend for celebrity side boob.


But was the exposed side boob deliberate or a wardrobe malfunction? Three expert hacks — Kirsty McCormack, Mike Larkin and Fehintola Betiku — were assigned to the story by the red-blooded tabloid to find out, but none could be sure.

The Daily Mail team speculate that Selma Blair may have deliberately flashed her side boob to remind her newly ex-husband (unnamed) of what he’s missing (but here at Buff the Banana with Paul Dacre, we reckon he already knows). Whatever the case we can be sure banana buffing readers will be happy to examine the Selma Blair side boob pics for themselves.

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