Raunchy Selena Gomez is all grown up!

Sexy Selena! Gomez torches her good girl image once and for all in new music video for latest single Come and Get It
Former Disney girl Selena Gomez has proved to the world that she’s ‘all grown up’ by appearing in a series of raunchy photos, much to the delight of Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail


The red-blooded tabloid’s Kelby McNally was blown away by Selena Gomez’s sexy poses and reckons banana buffing readers will be too. A see-through dress reveals her underwear, ‘enviable figure’ and ‘never ending legs’. It was all a bit much for Daily Mail commentator Ned60 who remarked: ‘You know you would, even though Justin Bieber been there first… he probably didn’t make much of an “impression”.’

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