Sarah Palin Boob Job

The White House or bust! Has Sarah Palin had a boob job?
Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail is excitedly reporting rumours that White House hopeful Sarah Palin has had a boob job after the right wing US politician was spotted appealing to voters with a tight white t-shirt that appeared to reveal her breasts have unexpectedly grown.


According the red-blooded tabloid, recent paparazzi photos revealed that 46-year-old Sarah Palin, ‘looked bustier than she does in images last year’.

The Daily Mail’s Foreign Service has read a number of blogs claiming to be informed by ‘people with experience in having breasts’ that are convinced Sarah Palin has gone under the knife and enlarged her breasts with a boob job. Others suggest the mother of five may have sought the support of a push-up bra or similar item and that any boob job has gone no further that a single cup.

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