Sadie Frost naked

Being a celebrity doesn’t mean I have a perfect figure, says Sadie Frost as she poses naked and airbrush-free at 44
Sadie Frost has posed ‘naked and airbrush-free at 44? for Grazia magazine and Paul Dacre’s team has gone wild for it, describing the decision to pose naked as ‘admirable’.


If it wasn’t for celebrities like Sadie Frost going naked for magazines and allowing the images to appear in horny tabloids, like Paul Dacre’s organ, the print media would be in even more trouble than it currently is.

‘I’m like any other woman,’ says naked Sadie Frost. ‘I have bits I like — my boobs, my shoulders, my arms — and bits I don’t — my bum and my stomach.’

Now banana buffing Daily Mail readers can check those bits out for themselves.

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