Russell Brand stares prostate cancer in the face

‘Greedy’ Russell Brand picks up TWO blondes… he’s not worried about lots of sex increasing his chances of prostate cancer then
Russell Brand stared prostate cancer in the face, picking up two high risk blondes at a nightclub, reports the Daily Mail.

Both skimpily dressed, one ‘seemed to have adopted Lady Gaga’s style, with a plunging blue leotard and white stillettoes (sic)’. The other ‘with curly hair, was showing an equal amount of legs and cleavage in a little black dress, which was so short her knickers were exposed,’ but snappers from Matrix Photos and Focus Pictures failed to secure an upskirt shot.


In contrast, Brand’s partner in crime David Walliams opted for an early night, retiring at 2.30am. The Mail speculates that Walliams had been studying research led by the University of Nottingham, that suggests men who have lots of sex in their twenties are more likely to develop prostate cancer. David Walliams is 37.
UPDATE: Subsequent to publication of this post, the Daily Mail removed this story from its website. See: Daily Mail retracts Russell Brand prostate cancer story.

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