Rita Rusic topless

Rita Rusic squeezes into a teeny weeny bikini for yet ANOTHER day at the beach
Rita Rusic has been caught topless on a Florida beach as she changed bikini tops by paparazzi from Splash.


The series of saucy pics was rushed to the news desk of Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail where top hack Leah Simpson was waiting to study the celebrity’s 51 year-old body. Whilst Leah Simpson admitted to envying Rita Rusic’s body, she couldn’t help but bitch that her breasts were too big for her bikini, complaining: ‘As the blonde got up to readjust her swimming costume, she revealed an unsightly case of “side-boob” – a look some exhibitionist beach goers intentionally aim to achieve.’

Banana buffing readers are unlikely to be so fussy about Rita Rusic’s breasts and many are sure to enjoy examining the photos carefully; particularly Rita Rusic topless.

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