Reeva Steenkamp Semi-naked

Semi-naked photos commissioned by Reeva Steenkamp for a ‘special someone’ emerge as Oscar Pistorius court case is delayed until August
Just before her death South African model girlfriend of Oscar Pistorious Reeva Steenkamp commissioned a series of semi-naked photos for a ‘special someone’ in her life. But readers of Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail need not risk a host of necrophiliac websites turning up in their search history as the red-blooded tabloid has secured the best pics for banana buffers to enjoy.


Daily Mail reporter Jill Reilly reveals that ‘The black and white images show the model lying on a bed in a range of poses.’ The intimate portraits of the semi-naked Reeva Steenkamp have not been touched up and reveal that ‘her skin was always great, beautiful eyes, beautiful features.’ Her tattoo is clearly visible.

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