‘Provocative’ Miley Cyrus gets Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail hot and bothered

Disney star Miley Cyrus in ANOTHER photo controversy as she straddles a chair in new provocative shot
‘She may be only 16, but Miley Cyrus is proving quite the veteran when it comes to posing for controversial photos,’ reports Paul Dacre’s hot and bothered Daily Mail.


Photos in which, ‘the teen star smoulders and pouts in a tight vest and shorts as she straddles a chair in a dressing room,’ prove a little hard for the red blooded tabloid to take. Sounds like editor Paul Dacre, 60, and his crew need to take a cold shower.

Given Dacre’s heart condition, lets hope he doesn’t spend too long studying Myley’s ‘provocative’ poses. We’re sure she wouldn’t want granddaddy to suffer a mishap.

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