Pointy bras come back

Pointy bras make a comeback as sales of ‘Marilyn Monroe’ underwear enjoy an uplift
The pointy bra is making a come back according to the Daily Mail’s latest lingerie trends report, led by red blooded hack Sean Poulter. (This is Sean Poulter’s first appearance on Buff the Banana with Paul Dacre and it’s disappointing to see his work spoilt by a stray apostrophe, standards are slipping!)


Sean reveals that conical shaped bras, as pioneered by Howard Hughes, are making a comeback and finding their way into the collections of Louise Goldin, Jean Paul Gaultier and Triumph. (The picture of Madonna in Gaultier, dates from 1990 so Sean Poulter’s clearly into long term fashion trends.)

Women are no longer hiding their breasts with minimisers, but embrassing their ‘assets,’ (Mr Poulter’s favourite name for lady bumps).

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