Peaches Geldof gets one over Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail

Peaches Inc. Miss Geldof may have no discernible talent, but she’s good at one thing: making obscenely easy money…
The Daily Mail’s Paul Scott is apparently seething at the ease with which Peaches Geldof makes lots of money out of the tabloid’s obsession with her.


Particularly upsetting for Paul Scott is a scam by which Peaches allegedly received a £50,000 kick back from paparazzi who photographed her topless on a beach (scroll down for that shot). Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail was one of the newspapers that paid out for the shots and prefers such material to be genuinely candid as befits the tabloid’s Peeping Tom sexuality.

While Peaches Geldof makes big money modelling for Ultimo, poor old Paul Scott is reduced to spending his days annotating the resulting photos for banana buffing readers and wondering what her father makes of it all.

Poor old Paul Scott. One wonders what his mother makes of it all.

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