Page 3 Rosie: the woman you’d love your woman to be like

It may look like one of those ‘If Carlsberg made…’ adverts, but that won’t bother banana buffers. This is Page 3’s Rosie Jones celebrating 40 years of topless models selling tabloid newspapers.

Topless Rosie Jones probably doesn’t know it, but Page 3 was a major influence on Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre in the student days ‘he cringes to recall’ Dacre used Leeds Lovlies, modelled on Page 3 girls like Rosie Jones, to sell his student newspaper.

Today’s Daily Mail has become increasingly sexualised and relies on images far more explicit ā€“ including upskirt and topless shots ā€“ to sell newspapers. Publicists secure coverage cheaply with photos of celebrity lingerie models or bikini clad starlets resulting in friendly puff pieces.

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