Oprah Winfrey’s cleavage

Her cup runneth over: Oprah Winfrey reveals a little too much in her plunging red neckline as she parties at Versace for H&M
When Oprah Winfrey wore a particularly low cut dress at a party to celebrate H&M’s collaboration with Vaersace, the Daily Mail’s Chris Johnson could not help taking a not-so-sneaky peak at the TV star’s cleavage.


The red-blooded tabloid hack found images of Oprah Winfrey’s cleavage, as caputured by Getty, far more erotic than pics of much younger celebs, like Gossip Girl Blake Lively (who came second for cleavage) and actress Emma Roberts. Which shows that as far as Paul Dacre’s organ is concerned, 57 year-old Oprah Winfrey’s still got it.

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