Olivia Munn topless

Show us the Munn-y! Olivia looks smoking as she goes topless for a saucy new photo shoot
‘Olivia Munn certainly needs little reason to cover up her enviable curves,’ says Daily Mail hack Holly Thomas, but that hasn’t stopped her appearing topless in FHM.


And Holly Thomas didn’t just look at the topless pictures of Olivia Munn, she took some time out to read the words too and discovered that Olivia Munn likes to go topless, but isn’t so keen on men who who put their thumb in her mouth during sex. And Olivia Munn once walked in on a ‘movie big-wig’ as he pleasured ‘his undersized manhood in hands glistening with shrimp fat.’

One wonders what Olivia Munn would make of Paul Dacre is she found lingering a little too long over her topless photos.

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