Nicola McClean’s fake breasts exposed

Nicola McLean shows the perils of dieting with fake breasts… you shrink but they don’t
Nicola McLean is (sunburnt) skin and bones at the beach before I’m A Celebrity guest appearance
Former glamour model turned WAG and ‘celebrity mother’ Nicola McClean aroused the interest of Paul Dacre’s organ when she revealed the ‘perils of dieting with fake breasts’ while out on the town.


‘You shrink but they don’t,’ screamed the delighted tabloid. Nicola McClean’s breasts continue to fascinate the red blooded tabloid, which has taken to following her around and examining pictures of Nicola McClean’s fake breasts at every turn. Readers are invited to check out Nicola McClean’s fake breasts in a bikini and a low cut dress and to compare and contrast slimline Nicola McClean, with chubby Nicola McClean.

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