Reader Offer: Net Nanny

Net NannyNet Nanny’s ContentCleanup is a simple tool to remove unwanted, and sometimes embarrassing, content from your PC including images, audio and video that you may have accidently downloaded.

ContentCleanup scans your computer hard drive and places content into 28 different content categories, ranging from pornography or adult/mature to sports and travel. It also removes cookies and other records of where you’ve been online.

All this from the people who brought you Net Nanny, the leading internet safety solution. Net Nanny not only blocks pornography, it protects families and children from hate sites, dodgy chat rooms and other online dangers.

Remote controlled, parents can manage Net Nanny and protect their children from anywhere with an internet connection. PC game blocking ensures children may only play games suitable for their age, using a rating system that categories games by violence, sex, alcohol, drugs and more.

Instant messages are screened and analysed by Net Nanny and parents updated by e-mail to protect children from cyber-predators and cyber-bullies. Parents can also keep tabs on their children’s social networking behaviour, checking profile information, friends lists and much more.
Net Nanny

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