Natasha Giggs naked

Just how desperate can you get? Celebrity Big Brother evictee Natasha Giggs strips off
‘[Natasha Giggs] biggest claim to fame is having an eight-year affair with her husband’s brother, footballer Ryan Giggs,’ says Alanah Eriksen of Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail. But now Natasha Giggs has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house, she has stripped naked for the boys and the red-blooded tabloid is more than happy to give her new career a boost.


Alanah Eriksen has read in Daily Star Sunday that now nude Natasha Giggs hopes to rebuild her relationship with her husband, Rhodri Giggs and doesn’t think she cares about Ryan Giggs any more. And Alanah read in The Sun that Ryan Giggs was only interested in nude Natasha Giggs for sex. Anyway, banana buffing readers are invited to check out Natasha Giggs naked for themselves.

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