Nancy Dell’Olio Playboy pics

Pose for Playboy? ‘For £250,000 Nancy will show top and bottom… in a tasteful way’
Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail is over the moon at the news that Nancy Dell’Olio has agreed to pose naked in Playboy, showing her ‘top and bottom… in a tasteful way’ so long as they assign a renowned photographer and the shoot takes place at an exotic foreign location.


AD: Who will next appear in Playboy?

A close friend of the red-blooded tabloid told hacks James Millbank and Lara Gould that 50 year-old Nancy Dell’Olio would prefer a ‘Mata Hari-style shoot’ that’s sure to get Paul Dacre’s organ especially excited. The nude contract could be worth £250,000 to Nancy Dell’Olio, with Playboy expecting to make that money back through sales to randy Daily Mail readers.

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