Miley Cyrus bikini reveals ‘jiggling thighs’

Miley Cyrus soaks up sun in Bahamas – and hits back at her weight critics
At 16 Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus is just old enough to be a bikini babe in Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail.


Frolicking on a beach in the Bahamas Miley apparently complained of ‘jiggling thighs’, but had no trouble extending the long lenses of paparazzi agency Splash.

Click to enlarge, then check out Miley’s thighs for yourself

2 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus bikini reveals ‘jiggling thighs’

  1. It’s very kind of the Mail to point out her age so clearly, so you know a quick tug over her bikini-clad arse won’t make you a paedophile.

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