Mariah Carey stunning in two bikinis

One’s just not enough! Mariah Carey shows off stunning figure in TWO different bikinis on her new video shoot in Italy
When Daily Mail hack George Stark was passed a series of hot Mariah Carey bikini shots by paparazzi from Splash and Eroteme, the senior showbiz reported was forced to ask deputy showbiz editor Sarah Bull to help him write up the story.


Having discovered Mariah Carey’s ‘curves’ looked ‘incredible’ in a white stringed bikini, poor George Stark was further stunned when ‘Mariah Carey showed off her flawless figure in a black monokini’.

The hot Mariah Carey bikini pics were snapped as the 43-year-old with ‘a body that any woman would be jealous of’ was filming her latest pop video.

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