Lydia Rose Bright burns her bum

That’s one Rose-y behind! Lydia Bright shows off one VERY sunburned bikini bottom as she showers on the beach
Snappers from Big Pictures have discovered that Lydia Rose Bright, the only star of The Only Way In Essex not to use fake tan, has burnt her bum while on holiday in Dubai.


The paparazzi captured a series of shots of Lydia Rose Bright showering off poolside and rushed the pics to the Daily Mail newsdesk where hack Holly Thomas was eagerly waiting. And banana buffing readers can also look forward to bonus pics of the blonde Lydia Rose Bright in her bikini on the beach.

It soon became apparent that Lydia Rose Bright had not used enough sun cream and her bum was burnt, but Holly Thomas reckons: ‘No doubt within a few days the burn will cool off and Lydia will be left with a flattering natural tan. Ironically, Lydia’s deep blue bikini would have really suited a golden hue.’

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