Lizzy Jagger naked in Playboy

She’s finally a bunny girl! Lizzy Jagger follows in her mother’s footsteps baring all for Playboy… and her dad approves
When Simon Cable heard that Lizzy Jagger had appeared nude in Playboy, he let the Daily Mail’s army of banana buffers down when he failed to share the photos with them. Now his colleague Sarah Fitzmaurice has had a thumb through the men’s magazine and reports on the Lizzy Jagger cover spread in more intimate detail.


AD: Who will next appear in Playboy?

Says Sarah Fitzmaurice, Lizzy Jagger is, ‘completely naked save for her long locks covering intimate areas a pair of thigh high boots and bunny ears.’

Unlike Simon Cable, Sarah Fitzmaurice also remembers some the accompanying interview. Lizzy Jagger discusses her ‘nudist tendancies’ and says, ‘at 27, I feel comfortable expressing myself through my body…I’m kind of a topless person.’

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