Lizzie Cundy sparks under-boob Vs side boob war!

Forget side-boob, that’s some major under-boob! Lizzie Cundy relaxes ahead of Ecclestone wedding in a VERY daring red dress
When Lizzie Cundy appeared on her hotel balcony with her right breast falling out of her dress, paparazzi from Splash knew they were on for a big pay day, with Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail desperate for the pics.


But this was no wardrobe malfunction as 45-year-old model Lizzie Cundy was looking to move on from the recent fashion for side boob, by exposing her under-boob. The specially designed dress holds Lizzie Cundy’s tits in place and secures nipple coverage, while providing a superb view of the bottom portion of her breast. The high hotel balcony made for the perfect place to launch under-boob.

The Daily Mail reckons it could lead to to some interesting tan lines, but we reckon under-boob will be a big hit with banana buffers.

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