Liz Hurley’s nipples excite Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail

Liz Hurley shows off slender legs in hot pink, slit-to-the-waist dress she had to be sewn into
The world has been left in no doubt that at 43, Liz Hurley still has what it takes to prompt Daily Mail readers to buff their bananas with editor Paul Dacre.


Not only has Liz Hurley appeared in a dress into which she had to be sown, she delighted the tabloid by leaving her bra behind, prompting sniggers over her apparently erect nipples. It was cold out.

As if that wasn’t enough, Liz Hurley’s dress was slashed right up to the thigh for the event in aid of breast cancer, showing her long legs. Nevertheless, the tightness of the dress ensured that paparazzi agency Splash failed to deliver an upskirt shot.

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