Lauren Goodger lingerie Twitter photos

‘She’s got curves and looks amazing’: Amy Childs defends former TOWIE co-star Lauren Goodger after lingerie Twitter photos
Lauren Goodger has celebrating losing weight by posting sexy pics of herself prancing around in her underwear on Twitter. But Daily Mail readers need not mess on the social networking site as the red-blooded tabloid has the best pics of Lauren Goodger in her lingerie for banana buffers to enjoy.


Hack Emily Sheridan reports that Lauren Goodger’s Twitter lingerie shots have not won universal praise as she still looks a bit ‘curvy’ but that Amy Childs ‘has leaped to her defence, describing her figure as “amazing”‘. Having studied the pics of Lauren Goodger in her undies, Amy Childs declared: ‘This pic of Lauren (in black lingerie) just goes to show she isn’t as big as people make out. She’s got curves and looks amazing.’

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