Lara Stone nude portrait

Radiance immortalised: Artist Marc Quinn unveils nude portrait of pregnant Lara Stone at 55th Venice Biennale festival
Artist Marc Quinn has ‘unveiled a breathtaking nude portrait of a pregant Lara Stone at the 55th Venice Biennale’. But banana buffing Daily Mail readers need not travel to Venice as the red-blooded tabloid has photos!


Hack Louise Saunders reckons the nude portrait, in which naked Lara Stone relines on a mound of red meat, ‘perfectly captur[es] the Dutch beauty’s pregnancy glow…[with] Lara gazing forward as she tenderly cradles her unborn child with her hand’. Saunders adds: ‘Posing for Quinn, the supermodel wore her blond hair hanging loosely around her shoulders, while sporting an enviable sun-kissed glimmer on her cheekbones.’

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