Lara Pulver naked

‘It’s really empowering’: Lara Pulver on how she was more than happy to strip off for racy scenes in Sherlock
‘…how could the BBC think that these scenes were appropriate for a pre- watershed audience?’ ranted Daily Mail puritans Paul Revoir and Adam Sherwin when Lara Pulver appeared nude in BBC1’s Sherlock. But colleague Georgina Littlejohn (daughter of Richard) has presented another view, ensuring the red blooded tabloid’s army of banana buffing readers don’t miss out.


Keen to ensure Daily Mail readers get to see Lara Pulver nude, Littlejohn has posted a number of stills and embedded bootleg video of the offending scene. Georgina had read in the Radio Times that Lara Pulver really was nude and didn’t mind offending 100 viewers, spurred to complain to the BBC by the Daily Mail and now, presumbly, about to complain to Paul Dacre himself.

Meanwhile, Dacre’s picture editor, Paul Silva, gives evidence to Leveson enquiry into media ethics.

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