Kylie Minogue flashes bum

Kylie is Spinning Around again as she turns back the clock ten years and flashes that famous bottom for her new video
Kylie Minogue has flashed her bum to the delight of the Daily Mail’s Georgina Littlejohn (daughter of the tabloid’s nuttiest columnist, Richard) who reckons, ‘there are not many women in their 40s who would have the confidence to show off their derriere in public, let alone flaunt it to millions.’


Paul Dacre’s banana buffing army will be delighted by Georgina Littlejohn’s report that Kylie Minogue’s bum has hardly aged in the last ten years. It seems that if Georgina Littlejohn had a bum like Kylie Minogue’s bum, she’d be mooning all day long.

‘Sizzling,’ Kylie Minogue not only showed off her bum during Children in Need, she got close to Sir Terry Wogan while wearing next to nothing… steady on Georgina Littlejohn!

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