Kelly Brook with topless dancers

Crazy, sexy, rude! Kelly Brook makes her very raunchy début in burlesque show Forever Crazy
Kelly Brook is appearing in a ‘raunchy burlesque show’ with lots of topless lady dancers, much the the excitement of Paul Dacre’s organ. But banana buffing readers need not fight it out for tickets as the red-blooded tabloid has hot pics and great video of Kelly Brook with the topless dancers to share.


Hacks Sarah Bull and Fay Strang have also checked out the show so Daily Mail readers don’t have to and report that Kelly Brook may not go topless herself, but she did ‘[draw] attention to her enviable derriere as she posed in the revealing lingerie,’ which the girls agree is ‘peachy’. And there was much excitement when Kelly Brook blew the audience a kiss while holding on to a poll.

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