Kelly Brook naked

Co-star? No, Kelly’s the leading lady! Brook stands out from the crowd at Piranha 3D premiere in sexy gold dress
Kelly Brook has long been a favourite of Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail, so imagine the excitement when hack Simon Cable picked up a copy of Love magazine to find a naked Kelly Brook on the cover.


The red-blooded tabloid moved quickly to secure the rights to republish the image for banana buffing readers. And to top it all Kelly Brook followed up her nude photoshoot by ‘showing off her ample cleavage and a large expanse of thigh in a slashed-to-the-hip gold gown’ to the paparazzi. Having seen the naked Kelly Brook, Simon Cable took some time out to watch her in Piranha 3D.

‘Kelly almost bursts out of her bikini!’ exclaims the Daily Mail’s Simon Cable, whose work is very familiar to banana buffers.

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