Kelly Brook covers breasts to reveal great legs

Two great assets: Kelly Brook unleashes her toned legs for a glamorous night out
When paparazzi from Xposure Photos supplied some pics to Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail of Kelly Brook with her breasts fully covered, the red-blooded tabloid found it difficult not to show its disappointment. But then hack JJ Anisiobi spotted that Kelly Brook has great legs and that her Moschino dress had a split that revealed her thigh in a way no banana buffing Daily Mail reader could resist.


‘Her outfit was a lesson in fashion to Cheryl Cole who wore the same dress last month but with a very different result,’ reckons JJ Anisiobi. Cheryl Cole couldn’t ‘pull it off’ says the red-blooded tabloid, whose readers would no doubt have little trouble pulling something off at the site of Kelly Brook’s pins. And that dress rises so high, Xposure almost captured a Kelly Brook upskirt shot.

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