Katy Perry breast reduction

Katy Perry has her cleavage photoshopped… to make it look SMALLER
Paul Dacre’s red-blooded tabloid team have been shocked to read in Us magazine that Katy Perry cleavage has been made ‘SMALLER’ in an advertisement for music channel VH1… but only using photoshop. In reality her ‘much admired cleavage’ remains intact.


Katy Perry’s virtual breast reduction came after ‘her representatives asked for her 34D breasts to be photoshopped smaller in a new promotional poster,’ reports the Daily Mail. The tabloid speculates that ‘perhaps the VH1 request is a sign Katy is turning over a new leaf – after all she is now a married lady.’ If true, legions of Daily Mail reading Katy Perry fans will be devastated.

A long time fancy of Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail team, Katy Perry has dominated the tabloid’s celebrity coverage, with hacks desperate to share images of Katy Perry naked with banana buffing readers.

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