Kate Upton bikini shots

A sign of things to come? Kate Upton shows off her curvacious figure in sexy bikinis amid rumours that she will grace the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue
‘She’s only 19-years-old but Kate Upton certainly knows who to work the catwalk,’ salivated Daily Mail hack Kirsty McCormack when pics came through from Florida of Kate Upton modelling a series of bikinis.


Kirsty McCormack loved Kate Upton ‘showing off her curvacious body in a variety of Beach Bunny swimwear’ and began a campaign to see her on the cover of one Daily Mail readers’ favourite magazines: Sports Illustrated. When bikini clad Kate Upton ‘posed with her hands on her hips as she highlighted her bust in a black and white gingham bikini as well as blue sequined one’ poor Kirsty McComrmack almost slipped off her chair… no doubt Paul Dacre’s army of banana buffing readers reacted in a similar way.

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