Kate Upton as sexy nun… phwar!

There’s nothing holy about that! Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton plays raunchy nun in sexy adaptation of the Three Stooges
When the publicity department at Twentieth Century Fox told Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail that Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton was to play a sexy nun in a raunchy remake of the three stooges, the red-blooded tabloid was delighted to plug the film… so long as some of those sexy nun pics could be shared with banana buffing readers.


‘Rather than the slapstick humour,’ reports hack Alanah Eriksen, who has seen the trailer, ‘viewers are more likely to be left open-mouthed by the incredible sight of Kate Upton in a bikini.’ And not just in a bikini… a nun in a bikini! That’s right, Kate Upton wears a bikini and nun’s headpiece; a clash sure to sent Catholic Daily Mail readers into confused sexual a frenzy.

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