Hello girls! True Blood’s Joe Manganiello topless

Truely Buff: True Blood star Joe Manganiello shows off his muscles as he goes shirtless in Hawaii
True Blood’s Joe Manganiello has gone topless on a beech in Hawaii to the delight of his female fans, reports Daily Mail hack Mike Larkin who seems similarly aroused.


‘No doubt the tantalising shots of Joe, 34, prancing around on the beach will entice his female fans to watch him play amusingly named stripper Big Dick Richie in upcoming movie Magic Mike,’ says Mike Larkin as he admires the pictures of Joe Manganiello and his girlfriend, known only as ‘the blonde’ captured by paparazzi from Splash.

But don’t try this at home kids. A cautious Mike Larkin, speculates: ‘Joe would probably have worn sunscreen to make sure he did not get burned’

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