Joe Manganiello has Hollywood’s hottest body

‘I want to look like an animal when the shirt comes off’: True Blood star Joe Manganiello makes a splash as he reveals six pack
Joe Manganiello has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood reckons the Daily Mail’s Cliff Renfrew, who has read an interview with the True Blood star in Men’s Health so lady Daily Mail readers don’t have to.


‘Joe graces the cover of the magazine wearing jeans and a tight grey t-shirt which show off his bulging biceps to the max,’ ogles Cliff Renfrew.

The red-blooded tabloid is able to expose UK readers to a hot pic of Joe Manganiello, ‘displaying his wash-board abs while floating around in a swimming pool sporting a cheeky grin with his hands casually placed behind his head’ with a nonchalance that is bound to excite lady readers… and a few male banana buffers! And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s a video of that buff body in motion.

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