Jodie Jones: Tory councillor on the lash

And the councillor for the wild party is… 23-year-old Tory politician slammed for her boozy photos on Facebook
When Conservative Party councillor Jodie Jones was silly enough to post pictures of herself partying hard on Facebook, Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail quickly became her online buddy.


Tabloid hack Lee Moran shook his head and tutted loudly as he downloaded pics of Tory Jodie Jones drunk and, especially exciting for Paul Dacre’s organ, kissing other women. Jodie Jones may have a degree from Oxford, reports Lee Moran, but that doesn’t stop her behaving badly and bringing her party into disrepute. Moreover, party big wigs had been warned that Jodie Jones was a piss head prior to taking her on.

But the red blooded tabloid’s army of banana buffing readers appear to disagree in the comments, telling Lee Moran to let Jodie Jones live her life and get a life of his own.

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