Daily Mail’s Jessica Hatcher in ‘Naturist Olympics’

Anyone for breast stroke? Our writer loses her body hang-ups to compete in the naturist Olympics
Daily Mail hack Jessica Hatcher has compteing in what her newspaper has dubbed the ‘Naturist Olympics,’ bring home a series of photos with which to excite readers.


Jessica Hatcher came across the nude swimming event while conducted ‘journalistic research’ on the internet. Says Jessica: ‘I’ve only ever stripped in public once — in a female communal shower after a yoga class — and it was fairly terrifying.’

Here at Buff the Banana with Paul Dacre, we reckon plenty of Daily Mail readers will be aching to discover the location of that public female communal shower. Nevertheless, Jessica Hatcher was most excited about getting her ‘wobbly bits out.’ Whatever turns you on, Jessica, whatever turns you on!

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