Jennifer Metcalfe mud-wrestles for Lynx

Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe goes for the jugular in new mud-wrestling TV ad
Hollyoaks’ Jennifer Matcalfe has delighted Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail by agreeing to mud-wrestle an unnamed Brazilian model in an ad for Lynx. Hack Maysa Rawi is despatched to commentate.


After some obligatory tut-tutting at the advertiser’s tactics Maysa Rawi gets well into the action, loving Metcalfe’s curves in that orange bikini (predictably, the Daily Mail has her recovering from an eating disorder). Jennifer is now a multi-tasker who can keep her bikini up while holding her opponent down.

But most exciting for Paul Dacre’s army of banana buffers is the news that after this taste of girl-on-girl action, Jennifer Metcalfe reckons she would be well up for a full on lesbian scene, ‘if the script was right’.

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