Jennifer Aniston models black bikini

Now Jennifer Aniston models a black bikini as she continues Mexican jaunt
When Jennifer Aniston goes on holiday the paparazzi are never far behind, with Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail paying out for as many scantily clad bikini shots of Jennifer Aniston as the snappers can take.


‘Jennifer has taken dozens of holidays in Mexico in recent years – including breaks with ex-lovers,’ reports the red blooded tabloid (although banana buffers can imagine that they weren’t ex-lovers at the time).

The news of the day for Paul Dacre’s team — left to pour over the Jennifer Aniston bikini shots as they shivered in their Kensington offices — was that Jennifer Aniston had switched from a purple bikini to a black bikini. Perhaps Jennifer Aniston’s purple bikini is in the wash… banana buffers expect the Daily Mail to check that out.

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